Gearing Components of Various Metals and MaterialsWhen applied to the metal components, REM’s revolutionary ISF® Process produces a unique isotropic surface condition. The Isotrpoic Superfinish Process significantly reduces wear in parts made of these materials. REM is always open to working with new materials and alloys. If you have parts that would like to have ISF processed that are not composed of one of the listed materials or metals, simply contact REM Surface Engineering for more information.

Common Metals Utilizing the ISF Process:

  • Steel (Carbon, Tool)
  • Stainless Steels
  • Titanium
  • Other Engineered Materials

Benefits of friction reduction:

  • Increase Fuel Economy
  • Reduce Contact Fatigue
  • Increase Power Density
  • Reduce Lubrication Requirements and Cost
  • Lower Operating Temperature
  • Extend Mean Time Between Maintenance
  • Reduce Vibration and Noise
  • Extend Part Life and Reduce Part Failures
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs

Proven testimonials related to reduced friction in machine parts:

  •  Reduce transmission noise by up to 7dB in helicopter gear boxes
  • 95% reduction in gear wear as compared with non-ISF processed components
  • Industrial trucking and racecar engine components processed with an Isotropic Superfinish, generate increased power output, increased part life and lower operating costs.­

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