WInd turbine Gear

Isotropic Superfinishing for Gear Repair for Helicopters and Wind Turbines

Posted by on Donnerstag, Oktober 14th, 2021 in

Isotropic Superfinishing Isotropic superfinishing is a term that, in the broadest sense, describes any process that is achieves a “superfinish” […]...

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Materials Matter : The State of the Art of Wind Turbine Gearboxes

Posted by on Mittwoch, September 5th, 2018 in

Much has been written here about the global growth in the wind turbine industry. Today, more than 341,320 wind turbines are operating worldwide. In particular, the number of offshore installations has exploded in the past seven years....

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Repairing Wind Turbine Gears and Assemblies with Isotropic Superfinishing

Posted by on Dienstag, Juni 13th, 2017 in

As the wind turbine industry matures, the importance of operations and management (O&M) costs grows. In the early years of large kilowatt and small megawatt class wind turbines, pre-mature gearbox failure due to gear fatigue was very common and was a...

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Materials Matter: Wind Turbine Gear Repair

Posted by on Dienstag, Mai 31st, 2016 in

Wind turbine gearbox durability has improved significantly over the past ten years. The days of early gearbox failure due to epidemic micropitting are largely in the past....

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