increased power density

Tackling EV Noise Reduction

Posted by on Dienstag, Dezember 13th, 2022 in

Ultimately, the next largest contributor will become the target as the transmission error is further minimized. This is typically vibro-acoustic […]...

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Vibratory Bowl Media Attrition: Part 2

Posted by on Montag, Juni 20th, 2022 in

What is the Attrition Rate of the Media You are Using? The key tidbit of information relative to predicting how […]...

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Scratching the Surface: How Surface Engineering Fills in the Gaps that AM Leaves Behind

Posted by on Mittwoch, Mai 12th, 2021 in

Prior to 3D printing’s arrival on the manufacturing scene, the US military supply chain was often met with lengthy and arduous timelines for critical asset production. This not only stalled the manufacture and repair of essential equipment within t...

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Metal Finishing for 3D Printed Parts Webinar – Part 8 – LATTICE BRACELET

Posted by on Dienstag, Juli 7th, 2020 in


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Materials Matter: Power Density and Isotropic Superfinishing

Posted by on Sonntag, April 17th, 2016 in

Power density, also described as load-carrying capacity, is simply the amount of load that can be safely transferred by a gear or other power transfer component without failure....

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