Race Products


REM® Black applies a Metamorphic Coating to critical components.

Unlike other friction reducing products, this is not a hard coating. REM Black creates a porous crystalline coating that adsorbs lubricants.  This allows oil molecules to adhere to the metal surface.

Challenging environments involving heat, pressure, and friction benefit from REM’s metamorphic surface coating.

This Metamorphic barrier reduces friction and minimizes lubrication requirements while substantially increasing the lifespan of the treated components. When Isotropic Surface Finishing and the REM Black Metamorphic Coatings are applied, reduced coefficient of friction is the result for every treated part.

REM clients achieve a “winning” finish every time with the 500 Series Product Line. Transform your simple vibratory finishing equipment into an elegant friction-reducing system with the FERROMIL® Race Cut 550, Race Clean 556, and Race Media 559.  REM Race product line has process chemistries optimized for both steel and chrome plated racing components.

The REM Race products allow for quick conversion of existing vibratory finishing operations.  If you don’t have existing vibratory equipment, REM stocks both new and used vibratory bowls that are ideal for most racing applications.

If you are not yet ready to establish your own ISF® Process installation with the Race product line, REM can offer cost-effective outsourced processing from our Connecticut and UK facilities or from one of our REM Racing Industry Service Partners.

Whatever your motorsports and racing surface polishing needs are, REM has the experience and process solutions to address them.  Contact us today to learn more and to get a project started.

FERROMIL® Race Cut 550

Concentrated refinement (metal removal) chemistry for standard ferrous motorsport components – 55 gal drum (US)


FERROMIL® Race Cut 551

Special Additive for Chrome Plated Components – 275 lb.drum (US)


FERROMIL® Race Clean 556

Concentrated cleaning and burnishing solution for motorsports components – 55 gal. drum (US)


FERROMIL® Race Media 559

Nonabrasive media blend for motorsport components. Pre-tumbled for 50 hours before packaging. – 300 lb. drum (US)Ferromil-RACE-MEDIA-559